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12 “Welcome Spring” Muffins

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I love spring. I love spring rain. It’s really chilly out right now, so there’s nothing better than some muffins, and what’s better than muffins? STRAWBERRY and ALMOND MUFFINS!

I didn’t come up with them on my own either. I got them from “best of baking” by Betty Crocker.

My Changes:

The recipe starts off by saying to mx together the egg, milk, and butter. I decided to keep the butter chilled, so that there were clumps of it in the batter, to melt in the oven (think scones) and be SUPER gooey and delicious.

Also, the original recipe called for macademia nuts, and just because I didn’t have them, I added the almonds instead. Same amount as the macademia’s, slivered, and hand crushed into the batter.

I LOOOVE THESE MUFFINS to DEATH. Which is weird cause I’ve only had one bite and this is my first time making them 😀


You MUST try the batter


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