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Angel Hair Pasta with Scallops in a White Truffle Cream Sauce

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I just needed an excuse to use the white truffle oil. It’s worth the flavor, trust me.

This recipe is really easy.

Angel hair pasta, however much you wanna eat.

6 scallops

garlic infused olive oil




1/2 cup whipping cream

parm cheese

spices (I used nutmeg, garlic powder, rosemary and some mace)

You start by cooking the pasta. You sautee the scallions in the garlic oil on a  non-stick skillet until they are brown on each side, about 2 minutes .It’s ok if they are not cooked through, this will happen in the sauce later in the sauce.

The garlic infused oil

the pasta cooking

the browned scallops

Next, you make the sauce. You take out the scallops and you add in the cream to the hot skillet. Make sure you take the pan droppings and mix them well. Add some salt and pepper and your chosen spices.


next you place the scallops back into sauce and let me marry on low heat for about 5 minutes.

1 scallop

more scallops

Then the fun part. The toppings. When the pasta is done cooking you can add it to the sauce and scallions. it will be a thin sauce, don’t worry. Add some cheese to that and place in your bowl/dish. Add the chives and lightly drizzle some white truffle oil over that. Then, top with more cheese and DIG IN.

left to right: parmesan cheese, white truffle oil, chives


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