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Spring Cleaning Bug

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I’ve been hit, suddenly,  with the cleaning bug.

Although I’ve said it before, I want to repeat myself, I’m giving myself till the end of August to see if I can finish cleaning, redecorating, purchasing, and organizing everything in my apartment. All a part of my own version of “extreme” spring cleaning, I suppose.

I started off with my clothing. I have a closet and  a 6-drawer dresser full of stuff. Ok, I’m lying, out of those 6, 2 are dedicated to unmentionables, and 1 is dedicated to my makeup (I don’t have storage, nor space for storage in the bathroom for these items).  I went around my home and decided starting with the sweaters and t-shirts in the dresser would be a good way to ease myself into this cleaning spirit. I threw away anything that made me look 15 again, I haven’t worn in the past year, and that didn’t fix quite right but still looked ok/good.  I got about one large bag of shirts from that endeavor.

Then, I moved on to my shoes (and thankfully, I only had to get rid of one pair), and the stuff hanging in the closet. I filled out 4 trash bags and a medium sized bag I had saved from a shopping trip. I got rid of all my pants, well practically all of my pants from high school, saving only about 3 or 4 pairs. These were not jeans, but rather dickies and dressy pants. I also got rid of about 8 or so shirts that I’ve always wanted to wear but that never looked good enough with any outfit to do so, so why keep ’em?

that monster of a bag to the right is hiding that fourth bag

I’m soooo tired… but since I’m Wonder Woman, I decided to tackle my pdf’s that I’ve stashed away from all my English classes. In assorted page lengths of about 5 -60 pages each, I have I’m sure, over 2000 pages worth of articles and peer-reviewed journal notations enough to write several editions on how people need to edit their articles, because college students need the facts, not the dribble that takes then hours to read through, in  a 15 page article… but I digress… point is, I never wanna see most of these again.


I did save a few that I thought were interesting, which resulted in about 200 pages of actual material worth reading.

I’m so happy school is over right now.


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