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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Monterey Bay Valentine’s Weekend

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Man did I have a great weekend. I can’t say enough about how beautiful  Monterey Bay was. Not to mention Cannery Row, the obessiveness of the people there over anything Steinbeck, and of course, the Aquarium!

I have some pictures to show you all, just for fun and I hope for enjoyment.ImageImage



Sick As A Dog

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The phrase is actually quite misleading. The English term “sick” refers to vomit, and therefore “sick as a dog” translates to, quite literally, vomiting like a dog. I suppose, since I haven’t vomited, and only had fever, chills, running nose, and coughing spells, I should really blame the weather and said I’m feeling “under the weather”. I digress.

This is how two sick days are spent properly:

Eating rice and salmon with grilled cheese and Progresso’s Clam Chowder. Then taking a nap and taking a bath with my new Mango Lush Bath Melt. So lovely. While the bath smelled and felt like silk, I hooked up my laptop to watch Mad Men season 4 on Netflix. To top it off, while I couldn’t breathe through my left nostril I decided to eat some Brownie’s to make myself feel better. Little did I know that chocolate and runny noses don’t mix.


Now today, I’ve been a bit lazier. The last stretch of the illness is seeping out of me and I’m enjoying some InStyle, and Tostito’s Chips. That’s pretty much what I’ve survived on all day, and I’m a foodie, sorta.! Surprisingly watching Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, and Devil Wears Prada (again),  has helped keep my mind off things and the dreaded feeling of going to work tomorrow after two days off. The fever has gone down a bit, but I must say that I think it was the bath’s doing last night, and not my pleading with God to make the shivers stop.

The savior of the day is my new teas (and I’m slightly biased on this front, considering I’ve got over 14 different teas to try in my home). I love Teavana, and the better half of my paycheck is spent there, but not everyone is as avid a drinker of tea as I am. These are a few of my favorites from over the course of the month. That’s right, my favorites change.

To start off: the new Peachberry. It’s got such a nice, sweet fragrance, it’s incredible. Not to mention that before you even drink it you get to watch the pearls unravel into lovely leaves of tea, if that doesn’t want to make you drink it nothing will. Another favorite is my MateVana(which is an herbal tea surprisingly!) and JavaVana. Both have a wonderful mocha flavor that is accomplished by adding some milk to the tea. It’s a lot like coffee because of their cocoa-yness(?) and luxurious textures.


Finally, I’m quite proud with my Acai Blueberry tea drinking due to the fact that it’s the best choice when ill, and I really can’t take care of myself when sick. It’s a favorite by default, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. It’s fruity, which I don’t usually like but the blueberries add a nice acidic taste that balances honey and Teavana’s Rock Sugar, really well. The blueberries and Acai berries do have antioxidants, don’t they? I’m going to count this as a win either way.

Lastly, online window-shopping has got to be the best part of my sick days. Modcloth had the best swimsuit called Beach Honeycomb. Not only is it in a great yellow color, but it’s a one piece which is what I’ve been looking for, and it’s got little bee’s on it! And I’m sure my chest will hold it up better than their model’s.

And, Shabby Apple has come out with their spring Mad Hatter collection, and I can’t wait to go nuts with it! I think this style of romantic-modern-fairy tale design comes from rereading The Secret Garden one too many times.


List of Bought and Sought After Products

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So I did some well deserved shopping and snooping at my favorite store: Sephora. I, then, got introduced to a new store, Lush. My God I feel like I’ve been missing out not checking out the lovelies at Lush!

Let’s go through the list:

My sephora list only included this Korres Lip Butter in their pomegranate color. I’m desperately seeking their Mango tone as well. But my real shopping extravaganza occured at Lush. Since it was my first time there I thought it my duty to try the most basic supplies that I need and at least a few which were a little more… delicate.

This lovely thing is called the Rose Queen. I have yet to use it but from what I gathered it acts as a seltzer in the bath water, and the little bits of flower end up floating and keeping you company in the water. The smell is AMAZING, and I’m not usually a florals girl.

This thing is Lush’s Squeaky Green Bar. It’s their bar shampoo. Lather’s on wonderfully, and the smell stays for a while. At least for a good two hours after the shower. As long as it’s not under running water when not in use it should be fine. Otherwise it’ll get used up, naturally. I’ve had problems with my oily hair/scalp, and Fekkai’s Root Therapy was not enough– in fact, it made my hair even drier– so I decided to give this a try. I’m so excited!

Finally, my skin has been a problem since, forever. And it was time I tried something a little more natural. I have tried Philosophy Micro-Derm and while it worked wonders, when I forgot to use it twice a week for a month, my skin overproduced the oils (since it got used to it being stripped away every Monday and Thursday), and I had breakouts like a 14-year old! I’ve also tried, and am still using Burt’s Bees scrub as well as the Shiseido foaming cleanser with their facial brush. In any case I tried both these on my hands in their store and I was sold!

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub and Herbalism (face cleanser)





To make matters even more wonderful my friend got me Tisty Tosty for Valentine’s Day.

This stuff is like the bath bomb that I got which is Rosy. However, it’s a little bigger and more moisturizing… a little bit like a bath milk in a fizzy tablet. I’m so excited to try this one. My friend is wonderful, I completely wasn’t expecting it, until she shouted at me “Hey, you want a Valentine’s gift?” What else was I to say but “SURE! YES!” as she grabbed the heart lovely and walked to the register with her purchases?




So far there aren’t that many, although truth be told, I do want the whole store (at least the whole section of the store which relates to my hair/skin needs).

Lovely Jubblies is this wonderful cream that I’ve been looking at for a total of two hours now and going through the reviews it seems necessary for the elasticity of your girls prior to and after having a baby. Not to mention with general age! Side note: it’s not fun turning one year older over and over again, I can now get why my mom always turned 29.


This celestial moisturizer was created by the brilliant man behind Lush stores. His daughter skin condition, as it was told to me, wasn’t the best, and so this is perfect for oily, dry, and basically sensitive and everything-in-between skin. That’s a great deal right there, not considering it’s price tag of $23.95.





–I’ll try to do a much better review after I’ve been using these products for a few days at least. Tops a week, and let you know how things are going. By the way, I haven’t seen my friend for almost a month and I mentioned I was using a serum in my routine and she said my skin looked great even though it was towards the end of the day, my bangs were oily, and my foundation needed retouching. Overall, I think that once I saw myself in a well-lit mirror I could agree, my skin looked pretty damn good.

The serum which did it for me (for the past 9 days, that’s right, that’s all it took to see results, maybe even less!): Ole Henriksen’s collagen booster. So Thanks Ole!