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Size Matters

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I’ve been quite hesitant to buy new shoes. Partly because the last few times I went over to Urban Outfitters the shoes were way to expensive, and while adorable, were terrible in quality. Then, I got a pair of Seychelles heels from Urban, and I loved them right away. Leather, turquoise in color, what couldn’t I love? I’m a size 8, so naturally I bought a size 8, and that was my first mistake. The shoes were about a size and a half too big. I thought I could fix that by adding a ton of insoles and heel guards, and wearing them with tights but that can’t really work, and it didn’t.

So I gave them up.

Finally I went on amazon and decided to give Seychelles another chance, and that’s where these babies come in.

The seafoam green pumps are incredible. They were slightly too big but some heel guards fixed that problem. Most importantly, they were completely wonderful to walk around in. I work in a middle school, running after my client, making sure she knows how to get along with peers, listen to directions, etc. Anyway, I’m completely in love with them, and will be getting them in the other colors.

The flats were  a little bit of a disappointment. First, I got a size down, thinking that if the pumps were a little too big, the flats must run large as well. Nope! So my amazon purchase was in vain. I tried again, this time true to size with an 8, and they were … alright. The shoe style is pretty fantastic, however, they are so stiff it’s hard to walk in. That’s a good thing, because the soles won’t wear within a month, but I need to wear thick socks while wearing them for a good four days in order to stretch them out. I did the laundry in them in this state and washed dishes and vacuumed, so it’s coming along. Without the stretching the shoes are maybe half a size too small. At least it feels that way. They’re gorgeous but a shame I won’t be wearing them soon.

Now, I’ve also had to return a few shoes. While these look good in the photo, in person they looked oddly colored and the top detail looked crooked. Noticeably so.

Finally, my luck caught up with me when I walked into a Clark’s store and tried on these babies.

They’re amazing. I can’t wait to wear them again. I’ve worn them four times already, and once again, walking in my occupation is completely necessary and comfortable, but professional shoes, are a rare and wonderful find.

Now, I call these shoes lucky, rather I said that my luck turned around as a result of these shoes, because I went into the clark’s store, and walked right out when I saw the price. I did get a nice idea of proper sizing.  Anyway, I went on amazon and found them for a measly $47.00! The original price is $109.00 so you can imagine how happy I was to see the savings. While I was musing over that lovely win, I stumbled upon these shoes, which I saw my supervisor wear a few weeks ago, and she said that they were from Antropologie, for $175 (on sale!)