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I’ve slowly been buying magazines like Martha Stewart Living, InStyle, and FoodNetwork, and I noticed today I’ve got myself a hefty collection (rather, the start of one). The April issues have been tempting me with some incredible items to purchase and I thought sharing some would be help ease my cravings for them.

An attempt at living vicariously, if you will.

Martha Stewart Living Must-Have's

  1. Stand mixer $500 at
  2. 3-piece Seive Set $25 (from Martha herself)
  3. Chrome-Plated ice cream scoop $33 at
  4. Disposable pastry bag $6.50 for 10 at
  5. 26-piece decorating set by ateco $34 at
  6. icing colors $2.50 each at
  7. 12 cup mini muffin pan $7 at
  8. silicone muffin cups $15 for 6 at
  9. spatula (from Martha) $20 for set of 4 at Macys and online
  10. Cupcake carrier $27 at (from Martha)

Currently, I have my own stand mixer (named Kermit), the ice cream scoop, the pastry bags (not disposable to stay green), and the spatulas (not from Martha, but from Target). I’ve got to get my hands on the silicone muffin cups, icing colors (in gels, not liquid to get the best color), and finally the cupcake carrier!

Pantry Staples

I couldn’t find a decent photo of this awesomeness online, so I had to just take a photo, the old-fashioned way. “Made from the kind of cling material used for holiday window decorations, these decals can be peeled off and reapplied when you change the contents of your canisters or clean them,” the most brilliant words ever spoken: I can’t believe that I’ve been so disorganized compared to this lovely idea (clear decals $8 for 3,; label from Who ever had a doubt that Martha was brilliant?

mystery in the freezer no more!

A must for my freezer, these lovely labels will save all my frozen foods! The labels are waterproof and come for laser printers in a pack of 500 (for $56.50), they’ll last for years. Martha’s Living Mag says you can get these babies at but I’m sure Staples will be carrying them in a few weeks. How exciting!

set of 6 tasting spoons

Picnic Ready!

These tasting spoons (set of 6, $48) and cutlery set ($9), from the online Pod store are going to be added to my collection of pretties and gadgets in the kitchen. I can just picture myself on a lovely Spring picnic with the cutlery set. Although $9 is a bit steep it’s perfect for outdoor use and once I season them (as you would a butcher block) I’m sure washing wouldn’t be an issue. The tasting spoons are more of a splurge, but there’s nonetheless a necessity (for me).

Regardless of how tedious it would be for me to restrain myself from spending all my money on these goodies, at least half I will be buying to start springtime off right~




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