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Birthday Fun at Descanso Gardens

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I’m sort of on a roll today, making up those empty days the last month or so without posts. This is all thanks to having a partial day off from work, and thanks to the mystery illness that got my client (today aside, I gotta pay bills so let’s hope the illness is short-lived).

I’d like to end my streak today with this lovely post. Boyfriend’s birthday was in the first week of April, and I decided to take him on a morning picnic with guacamole and Subway sandwiches. Although it was sprinkling on and off and extremely foggy, our adventures at Descanso Gardens were by far the most fun I’ve had since our trip for Valentine’s Day to Northern Cali Monterey Bay.

These are some of my favorite shots from our adventures.

Boyfriend like's to keep his identity private. He's a super hero


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