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The Divine Chocolate Strawberry

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I recently made these lovely babies and I realized that I didn’t share my successes with you all!


  • About 15-20 strawberries
  • 12 oz (whole bag) milk chocolate chips, any brand
  • 1 tbsp heavy cream

Clean and dry your strawberries leaving the greens in tact. As you can see, that just makes them that much more delicious! In a microwave safe bowl dump out all the chips, and microwave for about 2 minutes. Check on them and stir with spatula to check if all are melted. If most (approx 90% melted) are, them add in the heavy cream, mix, and pop in the microwave again for 15 seconds to get completely hot.

Take your strawberries and dip, in a twirling motion to get all the sides covered, in the chocolate and place on a plate. *

Keep doing this, going around the place in a circle till all the strawberries are covered. I only needed one plate but you might need to use a couple. Plate in the freezer (yes, must be freezer, not refrigerator) for 10 minutes. When times up, check if they are done and chocolate had properly hardened by peeling a strawberry off the plate. If it doesn’t stick and the chocolate comes off clean, you’re ready to feast!


*I arranged mine on a plate that which I had taped wax paper to.


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