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I ordered a few things from amazon this past week. While I can admit that I’m an avid Amazon shopper nothing gets me going than that big box waiting for me at my door. This time, I got a couple of cookbooks and a lovely crochet book. I’ve been meaning to start a sewing class as well so I can properly hem my pants and skirts to fit my unruly, long thighs. In any case, these three books are a start to a fun summer and fall season. As it’s California, we’re skipping through Spring. In fact, I believe last week, when we had 78 degree weather, was as close to Spring as we can get.

This was a great buy, and it accompanied my new Lodge cast iron skillet to my door. However, I do have to say I’m disappointed that there aren’t as many pictures. Only about 20 or so that are int he middle of the book. I would preferred a picture to every 3 recipes (it’s just the way that I’m used to flipping through cookbooks for a recipe to catch my eye). However, it had great reviews on amazon, and other sites, and the recipes actually look lovely. I’m excited to try them out.

I’ve been reading about this book for a while from a few bloggers I follow religiously.  It’s one of those go-to books when you’re buying too many lemons because they’re on sale, or pickles, or tomatoes, or berries for jam. Personally, I purchased this recipe to learn how to make my own buttermilk, cheeses, breads,  and jams (especially because here in California berry season is right around the corner, and fresh black-blueberry jam is on my to-do list this year).

I’m especially excited to make my own frozen pizzas!

Anyone that’s spoken to me for more than a half hour knows that I love to crochet. If I could I would knit, just because having both of those needles in my hands makes me feel powerful (scary, I know). However, I have to stick with the skills that I have now and worry about others later, so aside from making scarves and blankets I would love to learn other stitches to at least make those scarves look interesting and different. This is where this book comes in.

Easy steps like this, with red arrows and simple instructions, is how my crochet kingdom will happen!


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