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Here in Southern California summer lasts for a good 5 months; starting at about May and going all the way to October some years. Considering that, I have at least two more months of lovely summer fun left to get all of my sunny fun needs done. I know in summer there are a lot of wishlists, to-do lists, and pretty much every other form of lists people can manage to make. It’s the good weather that gets people going in a productive way, I suppose.

I thought I’d share one of my lists with you.

These are things that I want, specifically for end of summer. This way I’d have a nice, mellow and smooth transition into the colder days of fall.


First my drink of choice, tea. And not just any tea, this lovely number from Teavana has the great tropics with warm spices so it’s the perfect blend for September. Why September? I don’t know.  But it seems right to me.


Next, is this Hot Milk bath bomb from Lush. I love all things Lush, but I have to say taking a bath in summer is almost impossible to do. I really miss it, and I just have to put this on my list to prepare for the cooler season cause I’ve missed my baths. Too much.

Usually I get my soaps from Villianess. Their products are hands down the best I’ve ever used. Yes, even better than Lush soaps, I think. However, they take a while to deliver some days, and once you have a good stock of 6 soaps from her, it’s hard to order more. I usually leave these out for hand washing on my vanity. But once in a while, I stray into Lush and run right into this beauty.  How can I not buy it? How can I not want to buy it?

Sultana of Soap by LUSH

Now for some fun.

Something from Sephora is on my list almost year-round. This time I have to say Kat Von D’s Triple Threat Liner Set is staying forever! I’ve read four other blogs and countless beauty site reviews on her eyeliners and they all say they’re amazing, better than urbandecay, and 100% worth it.

So for those lazy, hazy summer days and nights, I dreamily put this trio of liners on my last Summer Wish List of 2012.

Finally, and thanks to InStyle magazine, I was introduced to this great serum. Yes to Blueberries is a great brand, I use Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes all the time before and after working out because it’s easier and less harmful than washing my face four times a day, and with this new age and skin repair line, I’m 100% set.

This serum isn’t anti-age, although it could be used as such, it’s actually got antioxidants and vitamins to repair sun damaged skin. This is amazing considering I’ve spent a good 2 hours a week sitting by the pool. Not to mention a ll those times I forgot to put sunscreen on my face when going out to the store, work, or even to the beach (yikes!).

I’ve heard good things about it, and while I love my Vitamin C Truth Serum (my skin is amazing after starting to use it regularly) it’s not designed to reverse skin damaged  by the sun, only aid in it’s natural and slow healing processes.

Point being, at $20 a pop at Target, I’m totally down to get this after summer is over.

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