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What I’ve Been Up To Thanksgiving Week

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In my last post I promised a better turn around time for posting and that I was better after… the dark day.

In any case, I am better, slightly. Therefore, since it’s the middle of the week (and payday for fancy ingredients is tomorrow) I think I should at least show you all my crafty and cooking goals to show I’m not a complete couch potato.

First, I need to redo Boyfriend’s mom’s blanket. The crocheting took a bad turn when I realized it was turning into a type of trapezoid shape. It used to happen a lot with me and I couldn’t figure out what the problem was, until I spoke with a brilliant and dear friend of mine earlier today, and found out you actually need to chain 1 at the end of starting a new row. WHO KNEW!

That’s a lot of yarn to make into balls.



On top of remaking 6 hours worth of present (I’m very, very bitter about the whole thing, obviously), I’m going to be remodeling my apartment. We got new owners that are very professional and although I’ll be bug sprayed next Thursday (meaning, taking everything I own out of the bathroom and kitchen cabinets and dumping them on my living room in one heap) the whole “new beginning” has inspired me to start over. Start fresh, and better myself, and my living space.

For one, I’ll be getting a sewing machine! Either my friend’s or from amazon; it’s a lovely addition to my apartment either way.

I’ll also be redoing my bedroom. I’ve got colors and a bit of a theme I’m working on right no and everything is coming together nicely. The wall color will finally be changed, and my bedding has just arrived from Macy’s making everything come together. Speaking of bedroom remodels, I’ll be working on my very own latch hook rug for the bedroom in the matching colors to compliment the walls and my bed (idea taken from abeautifulmess blog).

Lastly, I wanted to introduce my new Samsonite!

I got it on amazon and I couldn’t be happier! It’s perfect in every way. And I decide what to use it for, although I’m leaning towards my crafts and possibly my sewing needles and buttons, while my fabrics could be stored in the same brown train luggage they rest in today.

I just can’t stop coming up with ideas on how to fill this bad boy with items I probably don’t need.


What’s To Come

You can look forward to at least three different dessert recipes in the next week, as well as another rib recipe (haven’t decided which), closer to Christmas.

Aside from the crafting I’ll be putting up,  I have a reading list a mile long, and a few of the books that I consider rave worthy (at least so far) so I’ll make sure my opinion will be up on those as well, along with many others, out in Web-Space.

Top Rave-Worthy Books I’ll be discussing:



**I appreciate your patience with me and sticking around!



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