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Shrinking Jeans to fit you!

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I googled this and everything, and I even found a “hipster” reference to this as well.

So I was talking to my aunt and she said that she read in one of her grandma’s old Russian folk books (a journal type thing back from USSR) that jeans can be shrunk to fit your body, not just in length to make you hate the “hot’ cycle forever. You gotta wear the pants!

Lemme explain:

First, you have to wear your pants. Seriously.

IF you have a tub, you’re lucky, cause you can’t really do this in the shower, well I can try, at least.

While wearing them, you can get them wet, what my aunt suggests is just to sit in hot water, and wait for it to cool. In the shower, it’s sorta the same thing, but I guess you have to change the water temp yourself. Obviously. My cousin did this in the pool when she was dragged in… fyi, but her jeans were dark wash. WARNING: Chlorine and Dark wash= disaster.

When the water cools, you air dry the jeans, don’t take them off, that way they will dry to your body and your body only. Sadly, if you lose or gain weight it’s hard to get them to fit the new body contours. But It’s not impossible. I don’t think.

To get them “soft” again you can steam iron when they are INSIDE-OUT.

TA-DA! This is, according to my aunt, the way Russian’s would taylor their jeans, cause let’s face it in USSR days, you don’t go to a taylor for a pair of jeans, you don’t even own a pair of jeans unless your in hardcore construction. Just sayin’.