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Book Review: Is Everyone Hanging Without Me and Other Concerns

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Today I had the pleasure of starting and finishing Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and other Concerns. Overall it was a great read though there are a few things I have to say to Mindy (assuming I’d ever be lucky enough to have her stumble into my blog) about her writing.

First of all, it was stylistic, personable, and very natural. I’m a fan of that when it comes to autobiographies. The style is very simple, often in the form of dialogue with paragraphs and lists thrown together to make a mixed jumble of topics stand together and only make sense thanks to the chapter titles. This is how most of our brains work and I’m not complaining. I actually enjoyed getting through a lot of the chapters within 20 minutes or less because of lists.

Speaking of lists, the lists that she makes and references are amazing! At least from a woman’s perspective. She describes how to be the perfect boyfriend/ man. How to style yourself (if you were a man), so that women don’t go snooping through your medicine cabinet and see that you have more lotions, potions, colognes, and knick-knack’s than we do! It is a great turn off to know that a guy has more products, useful or otherwise, than I do.  The rest of the lists, and one which I really enjoyed, stem from female relationships, and daily life. One of my favorite lists was one in which she outlines the duties of a best friend, everything true and unspoken between female friends, from borrowing clothing to secretly loathing boyfriends (but giving them a chance anyway).

Some things that I didn’t like: the pictures were in black and white.

Although if they were in color the pages would be in different styles. The pictured ones would be thick and gross, and glossy, and not fit into the other, normal pages. This would bother me as well, so in any case there’d be at least one con against Mindy.

That’s basically my only con. I think that maybe Mindy dwelt on the issues of men for a long time, and not enough time on her other traits (or who she might be crushing on now, just kidding, that falls under guy talk as well) but let’s face it, any woman, given the chance to write her own biography, would write about the men in her life. Her father, brother, grandfather, men that stayed, men that got away, the good guys, the bad boys, and all the ones in between. They are the ones that shape us, and the ones that teach us our likes and dislikes, and eventually shape our images of the ideal mate (with all of their un-idealistic qualities).

Personal story: I know now, thanks to an ex (if he can even be called that), that I will never want any man by me that is obnoxious, self absorbed, and willing to make gurgling sounds during a movie. Yes, very specific, and probably will never be exhibited by anyone normal, however, Mindy brought this little revelation out in me, and I share it with you all.




Total stars: 4.5 out of 5

Recommendations: Yes, and MANY!


P.S. If you happen to google yourself Mindy, and you see this post and read it, you’re funny, and I loved your story about the stylists that have put you into moo-moo’s for a very long time. Clearly they’ve never been inspired by anything other than a worm.  Goodnight!