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Bargains and Reviews

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A while back I wrote on some new purchases that I made from Lush. In that post I also promised a review that would be forthcoming to make sure that what the products claimed, they did. So to recap, I’ll be reviewing their body butter: Aqua Mirabilis (although I originally mentioned having their Buffy bar on my wishlist), their shampoo bar: seanik, and lastly, their mask:  cupcake (available fresh only, in-store).

My Characterists: Ok, when I say characteristics I mean what my skin, face, and hair are like so you can know if these products will work for you. Firstly, my skin tends to be dry, although you wouldn’t know it by touching or looking at it. It’s more of a tightness that I, personally, feel. Next, the face; my face is oily, and very prone to breakouts. My hair does have an oily scalp, and I have thin-ish, and straight locks. I also have bangs, which doesn’t help my forehead in the battle against oil.

Now to Review:

I got this over the Buffy bar and I couldn’t be happier, it’s got bits of ground up almond in it so it smells amazing for me. It’s gentle on my skin and very soothing after I use a scrub or shower gel. Usually after using this in the shower I don’t need to use lotion till morning. That’s  an A+ in my book.

I have oily hair and scalp as I’ve mentioned. Usually I can’t go 24 hours without washing my hair, and dry shampoos only make the oil look like caked on dirt. I was told this shampoo, as a result of the seaweed it contains, draws moisture from the environment when it’s necessary to keep ends and other parts of hair moist when they have to be. Also, keep it balanced when it’s dry outside and when you’re nearing the end of the day and your hair is less than perfect. Surprisingly, this miracle shampoo does all that!

On my trip to Northern Cali for Valentine’s Day, Boyfriend and I stayed right on the ocean, meaning lots o f moisture to go around. My hair was wonderful for two days without washing because of the amazing seaweed “balancing” action! I’m in love. And I refuse to use anything else.

Added bonus: because it’s so hydrating, I haven’t used conditioner in months!

This mask is supposed to draw out the oils and toxins from your skin while keeping your oil glands in check. If used twice a week the coal in this chocolate concoction should act as a natural regulator (like the sulfur springs everyone is raving about) for oil, pore clogging debris, and toxins. This is what I thought: it reduced my oil on the forehead (which is the oiliest) by about 40% on a good day. I still had breakouts and my skin felt great only right after I used it. I’ll pass on this one next time and see if I can try another happy mask.

Finally, to mention the star of my skin routine: Ole Henrikson Truth Serum.

This thing helps to make my pores smaller, makes my skin brighter, and since I’ve been using daily it’s helped to brighten the dark spots past acne has left behind. Also heals current breakouts faster due to the vitamin C booster. I’m really happy I splurged on this item because I’ve been using for the past three months and barely dented the serum to half the bottle!

My title has in it also “bargains”, not just reviews. This part of the post is the reviews. Rite-aid reviews to be exact. A lot of great, and cheap, products can be found at drug stores, if people know where to look. My goal was not go over $30 and buy at least 5 items that dealt with skincare or beauty. Today was my lucky day as they had a sale going!

  1. Pure Springs brand Bath and Shower cream in lemon and mint: $4.99
  2. Julie brand nail polish, color unknown- stamp on bottom A26: $3.99
  3. Yes to Carrots brand chapstick: $ 1.99
  4. Revlon nail polish in Sassy: $4.99
  5. Yes to Cucumbers brand face towelettes: $5.99
  6. Cuticle Remover Cream by Sally Hanson: $4.59
  7. c.Booth Walnut Shell Body Scrub and Cleanser: $4.49
  8. c.Booth Deep Cleansing Volcanic Mud Mask : $7.49

I’m looking forward to testing all these products out and posting their successes (hopefully) soon! By the way, I purchased 8 items, not 5 as planned, and only went over budget by $10. Today was a good day~