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Side Note No.1

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This is my first side note for September. I’m not expecting many, and I could have just added this to my brownie post earlier, but I wanted this to be separate. It’s  sort of a way for me to let you all know what’s going with me and what to expect for the future if everything goes according to plan.


First off, it’s apple season Sept-Nov. Because the summer has been quite a hot one in the next two weeks I will be trekking out to Yukiapa (by Riverside County, CA) for some apples and apple cider donuts. If you care to check, last year I met a friend, a cat named Tom, whom I want to visit this year again.


My September itinerary is as follows:

  1. Snow line Orchards (for Donuts) – Sept. 21,22
  2. Riley’s Apple Farm – Sept. 21-22
  3. Making Apple Pie and Apple Butter for some Pork Chops (week of Sept. 22-28)
  4. Disneyland! – Sept. 28 (If all goes according to plan)

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Challenging Downtown Disney

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Not the soup I had, but sure looks good.

My lovely friend and her sister dragged me out of my home today to drive 50 miles south towards Disneyland. We didn’t really go into the park but rather enjoyed the food that’s offered outside the park instead.

In any case, I had the best potato cheddar bacon soup ever, and not to say anything bad towards the restaurant or Disneyland in general, but I felt like it lacked a few spices and could have used a lot more bacon. So, I’m going on a secret mission (like I don’t have enough things I want to finish throughout the year) to perfect my own Potato soup recipe with really large and delicious bacon slices floating around, along with sharp cheddar.

To start, I’m going to be using my own mother’s recipe and seeing if I can add equal parts of Alton Brown’s soup and the Neely’s soup. The results will either yield a soup that’s fantastic and unthinkable, or I’ll have a mixture of all three, making 5 different equally delicious recipes for a simple potato soup. I’m hoping for the former.

Also, just for fun, I’ll be adding in this recipe for my “quick and semi-homemade” version, cause every great chef has one (and I’m sure I have at least 5).